Crazy Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

28 crazy questions to ask your boyfriend

Here are the crazy questions to ask your boyfriend that would give you the opportunity to know him more while having fun. Although some of these questions can really sound silly and some others might drive your boyfriend crazy, yet these “get to know him” questions would surely give a fairly good idea about your boyfriend. His answers would let you know about his passions, goals and priorities in life. You would get to know what makes him happy and sad. These questions are fun to throw at and definitely the craziest way to connect to your sweet heart. Add some juice and excitement to your love life with the help of these crazy questions to ask your boyfriend and have fun! 

  • People often say that men don't have any emotions. Is this true?
  • As a kid, what was your favorite eatery?
  • What’s your favorite stress buster?
  • What is your dream vacation?
  • What do you desire that you had some more time to do?
  • By the time you reach 60, what do you think you would have accomplished? Being the owner of 20 million dollars, what are the goals that you would want to pursue?
  • Which acts of your ex-girlfriends drove you crazy?
  • How would you characterize a perfect friend?
  • What have been the deal breakers for you in a relationship?
  • You prefer girl friends or guy friends?
  • How would you be as a father?
  • How do I know it best that you need a time alone?
  • While you were a kid, who was your best friend?
  • Any experience or trip you want to undergo with your family?
  • Given a chance, which award would you like t win?
  • What are your sexual fantasies?
  • Is there anything that you still want to learn but did not get the chance?
  • While in a relationship how would the money factor be handled by both the man and the woman?
  • How many times you want to have sex, in a week?
  • ‘Having sex’- what does it provide you?
  • What are those few things that you have been always fantasizing that a woman would do to you?
  • What would be that special something that you would expect from me in bed?
  • Are you a virgin?
  • Would you want to have more relationships at the same time?
  • You come across a nice girl at a party but you don’t have the scope to talk to her. How can you make her feel that you like her without hurting my feelings?
  • You meet you ex-girlfriend suddenly. If you find her flirting with you, what would you do?
  • Would you want to do a strip tease for me?
  • If you and I were alone at my house, what would you do?

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