Your love relation becomes a little more personal and romantic when you call your girlfriend with cute nicknames. Usually you give those nicknames to your girlfriend that resembles her personality. For example if your girlfriend is very lovable you may give her a name an angel. While there are some more names that express your love for her and are quite common like sweetheart, darling etc.

Having a secret personal nickname for your girlfriend is one of the good ways that bring fun and intimacy in to your love life. In fact there are some couples who assure themselves that they will never use these silly nicknames in their relation but ultimately anyhow they start using it.

Sometimes your girlfriend rather decides that what names suit her and you should call her by that name only because she finds it very cute and it is similar to her personality. There are some experiences of course with your girlfriend that is quite unique and from these experiences you get ideas to give that special name to your girlfriend. There is no end of this romantic and beautiful nicknames. These cute names are generally used in private times when you want to romance and flirt with your beloved. But you need to take care that you would not use this cute name in public because it will sound sappy and in fact your girlfriend may not like this or she will feel embarrass so you should try to use this name in private only. When you choose these cute names for your girl friend she may also feel like giving some cute names to you also which will be very romantic for you and to your relation also. There are also some strong names that have been whispered by many couples over the period.

But, though you are pondering there are a few pitfalls to watch out for, I say. Girlfriends may read way too much into a cute name and you may be in the doghouse for using one rather than in Valhalla, which is where you'd like to be.

So, I put together a little helpful top 20 list for you to help you navigate the good, bad and ugly cute names to call your girlfriend.
Cute Names to Call Your Girlfriend - Top 20 List

1. Angel Eyes - call her this name and she'll either think you're lying or you'll get some action faster than a pit bull on a t-bone.

2. Baby Doll - is a class girlfriend name so call her this all you want even if she is the kind who will out chug you in beer and pull a monster truck over your face on occasion.

3. Bubble Butt - is one of those names you never, and I mean never call your girlfriend since this will end it all, and there will be no chance in getting back with her even for a drunken 2 am booty call.

4. Cuddle Bug - is one that most girlfriends will respond well to and will be an invitation for making out on the couch.

5. Cutie Pie - is another classic that will not get you in trouble.

6. Darling - is a standard that one should adopt in lieu of trying out other experimental girlfriend names like "She-Bitch from Hell" or "Carnation Instant Bitch".

7. Doll Face - is an endearing name that guys would do well to adopt.

8. Dummy - girlfriends don't respond well to this name just like they don't respond well to the 3 Stooges. Use this if you want to lose her.

9. Dumpling - is one of those tricky cute names to call your girlfriend since guys will thinks it's fine, but females will think you're making a comment about their weight.

10. Fruit Loop - may sound innocent at first, but the more you call her this, the more she'll take it that you think she's mentally unstable.

11. Gorgeous - most girlfriends will not only be Okay with this, they will not be able to get enough of this.

12. Goobers - do you really want to go there?

13. Honey Bunch - is a name that is sugary but not too much so and can be used on occasion especially at breakfast time.

14. Kitten - some girlfriends will adore this name while other will recoil. It's a judgment call here so if the shoe fits wear it.

15. Lamb Chop - at first glance seems fine, but when you think about it you're comparing your girlfriend to the slaughtering of an innocent little animal. Might as well shoot Bambi while you're at it.

16. Lover Girl - is a decent cute name to call a girlfriend and isn't too sugary to make most recoil.

17. Love Lumps - if you don't want hot soup poured all over your lap then don't use this one.

18. Main Squeeze - this is generally considered a cute name for a girlfriend although you could be unconsciously calling her a Cold Frosty.

19. Monkey Butt - if you know what is good for you, put this one on the shelf and only tell it to your therapist.

20. Sexyness - this one should be reserved for private occasions like a Valentine's Day dinner or her birthday. If you use this you know you'll be getting some later.

There you have it, a top 20 list of cute names to call your girlfriend. Read it and weep. Or read it and laugh. Or at least read it and take it to heart. Using a cute name for your girlfriend can be dangerous territory for a guy. A bad name can send her off crying or it can send her into interrogation mode.

So here are some common romantic nicknames, which you can give to your girl friend such as:
Sweetie, Sweetie pie, Sweetheart, Pumpkin, Honey bunch, Dearest, Angel, Light of my life, My baby doll, Honey bunny, Object of my affection, My treasure, My sexy babe, Cutie pie, My life, My little darling, My true love, My darling angel, My baby cake, My dream girl

A good cute name however, can send your girlfriend (and you) to the Promised Land. Use this list wisely and please no wagering.

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