Now you have a boyfriend. You want to settle down. But does he really love you? Why should you care?

Really, you should care.

Simple. Everything rises and falls on love. Love is the very essence of love relationships.
If love is missing, the relationship is worthless.

It pays you more to continue living single than to be caught up in a loveless relationship.

But then, how do you know if your boy love . . . your boyfriend's love . . . is true love?

No doubt, there is an avalanche of information on how to tell if your man's love is true love.

But honestly, many of those love sites are filled with nothing but theory.

I prefer to be realistic.

We're talking about your future here, you know. Anything short of realistic, down-to-earth practicable and doable approach is useless.

Enough of the grammar.

So, how do you tell if your boy love is genuine?

Hey, wait.

Has he really told you he loves you?

That is a good starting point.


Well, many girls think the man they're dating, theirboyfriend, is in love with them without actually asking him. There have been cases when a boy tells a girl he has been going out with for months, "I didn't say I love you. I simply said I like you?"

So the guy leaves and the girl is heart broken.

But wait a minute. Is there any difference between 'likeness' and love? Is "I love you" the same thing as "I like you"?

Many girls assume they mean the same thing and so stake their future with a man who tells them "I like you".

You're making a mistake if you think they mean the same thing.

Likeness is different from love.

When a man likes you it means he enjoys being with you because, perhaps, you have some things in common and he likes your carriage or approach to issues.

He likes the way you walk. He likes the way you smile. He likes the way you deal with people. He likes the fact that you're smart and intelligent.

But does he love you? Maybe, maybe not.

Why so?
Well, love is a deeper feeling. Love is deeper than likeness.
When your boyfriend loves you, he spends more time with you. He's anxious to be with you. He wants to spend his life with you. He feels guilty if he's with someone else. He's willing to sacrifice everything for you. His heart belongs to you.
Your boy love, your boyfriend love, is for you and you alone if he wants to spend his life with you despite your weaknesses or shortcomings.
A man who recognizes your weaknesses and decides to live with them loves you.
Let's summarize this.
Question: How do you know your boy love is for you? How do you know your boyfriend loves you?
Answer: Ask him this simple question. "Do you love me?"
Let him say it. Do not assume your boy love is for you because he has been your boyfriend for four years or more.
Question: Why should you care that your boyfriend loves you or not?
Answer: Because love is the very essence of having a relationship.
Question: So how do you know your boyfriend loves you?
Answer: Test him. Use my practical true love quiz to test if your boy love, your boyfriend love is for you or someone else.
Boys are very good with the art of seduction and pretense. They can sweet talk you into believing anything simply to get you where they want you. So be careful.
Do not stake your life with a man unless you're absolutely sure he's your ideal man. Be absolutely sure he loves you. Be absolutely sure this boy love is for you and you alone.
Whether you're a pretty girl or not, boys will come looking for you. It's a natural thing. Opposites attract each other.
However, before you commit everything you've got to your boyfriend, make sure the boy love is genuine. Make sure he truly loves you.


Your boyfriend may not be easy to understand and he may even not have many emotions but there are some facts that can help you better understand if he is in love with you. When you learn what to look for it can make it easier for you to know how he really feels.
First you want to see if he is interested in the things that are happening in your life. Does he always talk about himself but never ask how you are doing. This can be a real sign that he does not care or is not that interest in you.
Secondly does he pick up the phone to call you and see how you are doing because if he does this it means that he cares about you. Make sure that you do not find yourself calling him and then when he calls you back then saying he does call you. It has to be when he calls you and you are not expecting it.
Thirdly does he ever mention to you about finally meeting his family. If he does then he is really into you because if he was not that interested he would not be ready for the family meeting thing yet.
Fourth does he touch you and hold you when he is with you. Does he show you affection when you are alone? This can be a real big sign he is does care because he will show you that he loves you with his touch.
Finally does he tell you he loves you? We are talking about him telling you without you saying it to him first. It is maybe the most important telling sign that your boyfriend is in love with you.

I believe that if your boyfriend loves you he will tell you he does. 
He will not cheat on you or flirt with other girls. 
He will treat you with respect, and he will be loyal to you. 
I would say that if he loves you he wouldnt lie to you, which i kind of still think. 
But i learned with my boyfriend that sometimes they lie to you so that they dont hurt you. My boyfriend would lie to me about smoking pot, and i only asked him not to becuase he had just got out of rehab, but he still did it like every day, and he would tell me he wasnt, and then one day he finally told me that he had been lyin to me for almost 9 months straight, but he said it was so he wouldnt hurt me, 
I kind of believe that but at the same time i dont think it is okay to lie if you love someone, expecially not as much as he did. 
This may not be right, and you may not agree with me, but this is how i feel a guy can mostly show you that he truely loves you. 

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